Logo Design

Whilst living on Siargao Island for 6 months in the summer of 2015, I spent a lot of time working closely and diving with Palaka Dive Centre. It's a great place offering world class Scuba and Freediving experiences.

The owner had always wanted to incorporate a Frog into the logo, as in his French homelands the Scuba Diver is referred to as the Frog Man. 

Palaka means Frog in the local language Visaya, however to most tourist this isn't common knowledge. The subtle addition of the Frog's Footprint into the P completed the design well. 

Here's some of the design development stages below...

Billboard Advertising

In addition I was asked to create various billboard advertisements to be placed in the airport, as well as around the town of General Luna in order to direct people to the dive shop.

For this I used some of my own photography as well as a couple of others from the client.

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